Frequently Asked Questions

What is Empire?

Empire is a festival LARP (Live Action Roleplay) system run by Profound Decisions.  It is a new system starting in 2013.

What is Bellamarina?

Bellamarina is a fictional guild based within the Sarvos in the League, created by a group of players who thought the idea of a pro-imperial unity faction with an Italian city-state flavour sounded like a heap of fun.

Are you sure your history is compatible with the Empire setting?

We are reasonably confident that this material is consistent with the setting information released by PD thus far.  The group concept is still a work in progress and may change before the game starts.

Is this group intended to be in the League?  What if I want to play a member of another nation?

Yes, but the group is designed with trade throughout the Empire in mind, and therefore potentially recruits from any nation.   It's possible to play a non-Catazarri within the group, and such characters are treated no differently from any others within the group.  There are system disadvantages to doing this, such as the inability to be in a coven with fellow guild members.  Given this, some sort of dual allegiance may be sensible, and is not generally a problem for us.

Are you looking for more players?

Absolutely, totally, definitively yes.  Our world is only as awesome as the people who inhabit it, so we’re looking for more awesome people, like you, to join us.  If you have a character concept you’d like to discuss, please email

Do you have any suggestions for characters that might work well in Bellamarina?

Certainly.  These are all ideas (in no particular order) which we think might work well:

  •  Merchants
  • Mercenaries
  • Entertainers
  • Bankers
  • Social climbers
  • Servants
  • Privateers
  • Diplomats
  • Gamblers
  • Criminals
  • Functionaries
  • Sailor / Navy

I have an idea for a subgroup or concept that might work within Bellamarina.  Are you open to ideas and submissions from players?

Again, a categorical yes.  We want you to be able to play the kind of game that seems fun to you, and if you’re kind enough to want to enrich our game background at the same time, believe us, we’re really truly on board for that.  As PD might, we may give you feedback if we think a particular concept won’t work for some reason within our setting, but we’ve designed it with flexibility in mind, and are far more likely to work with you to incorporate it into the wider background.  We would truly like Bellamarina to be a collaborative creation of as many minds as possible.

Please send background queries to

Are there any concepts that won’t work in Bellamarina?

We think that with the barbarian hordes and other factions, there will be plenty to keep us busy, and for that reason, we ask that you don’t create a Bellamarina character with the specific goal of sowing discord from within.  We’re hoping to present a relatively unified front to the game at large, and while we don’t for a moment think that in character it will all be one happy family, we’d like to try to create a group that’s pulling roughly in the same direction. 

I notice you had some infighting in the background?  Can we play the other side?

As you’ve probably seen from the background, the infighting was 20 years ago, pretty unpopular with most guild members, unsuccessful in the long run, and very comprehensively suppressed.  It's there in the background to give the group another reason to want to pull together and work for the greater good.  Please see the answer about concepts that we don’t think will work for the rationale why we’d prefer you not to play such a character (executive summary: we want to save our energy for rival PC and NPC factions).

Will it be like Mill’en, or Flambard or … from Maelstrom?

Ah, so you’re a long term PD fan, I see.  Hope we’ve tickled your fancy.  We’re trying to make a departure from what’s come before, and while you might see groups of players you recognise from particular Maelstrom factions, we’re hoping to create something new and different for a new and different system.  We’re trying to create a background which, while it has elements of things we’ve liked from Maelstrom, is sufficiently different that it will be fresh, exciting and viable within the new system.

I have a question you’ve not covered here.

Feel free to email it to We’ll do our best to get back to you quickly (real life permitting), and to add it to this FAQ if that’s helpful.